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Acupuncture and Infertility

In traditional Chinese medicine the human body is considered a whole functional unit and disharmonies between internal organs leads to disease and illnesses. The causes of these disharmonies could be external factors such as infections, malnutrition, stress, etc, Or internal due to genetics, ageing and other factors.

The art of a Traditional Chinese medical practitioner is to treat illnesses by bringing balance and harmony to the internal organs and stimulate the body to heal itself back to health. In women infertility rather than looking at infertility simply as a problem with an ovary or a specific hormone in TCM infertility results from imbalances in organs and energy meridians system in the body.

Several researches have shown that acupuncture could increase the chance of fertility for women and men and also increase the success of IVF by 65 percent.

A TCM practitioner notes every aspect of health history, habits, medication and past treatments to determine which organs and meridians are out of balance and treatment strategy is centred on a holistic treatment (treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit).

Dr Vahid Ziadlou is a medical doctor (M.D) with experience and knowledge of both western and Traditional Chinese medicine. His knowledge and expertise in both fields gives him a great accuracy in diagnosis and a holistic approach to treatment. In the first session Dr Vahid will take a detailed TCM history and physical examination in order to find the potential disharmony which has lead to infertility. He then will start the acupuncture treatment combined with advising on diet and life style needed for bringing the balance to your body and kick start the healing and diverting the energy to your reproductive system. He will also advise you on the possible number and frequency of the sessions needed to achieve result.

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