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Charls. E  

I decided to try acupuncture for a very annoying eyelid twitch which would not go! After seeing the GP, and opticians, and exhausting all home remedies I could find, acupuncture was my last hope before I was prepared to have Botox injections to freeze the nerve.


I also suffer terribly with anxiety and this was making my anxiety really really bad.

Vahid was amazing. I was nervous at first as wasn’t too sure what to expect. It is not painful and is quite relaxing!


After 6 sessions the twitch had gone. I could not believe it. I had had this for 6 months, every single day and up to 20 times a day.


As well as solving my twitch, my anxiety has reduced dramatically. I feel calmer in myself and in control. I am also sleeping better.


I find acupuncture amazing and will be continuing treatment for overall health as I am now a great believer in it!!


Christine L.

Vahid has helped me with my migraines by using acupuncture. He is very caring, precise and will find out the source of the problem by asking lots of questions about your life and lifestyle. 

He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of Chinese and Western medicine and the human body and I feel very safe in his care. The migraines have calmed down massively. They are no where near as intense as they were in the past and much less frequent. I am very grateful to be in less pain and continue with my life rather than miss out and stop things because of the suffering the migraines had caused me. 

Thank you Vahid for your help, support, knowledge and care

Micheal S.

I had Migrane and splitting headache  for many years using different medications until my freind told me to use acupuncture.  I used acupuncture and I have never had those headache.  Now 6 months after the treatment I sometimes have slight headache but I never experienced those severe Migrane.

Sue W.

I had a frozen shoulder for about 6 months, i had tried different medications and physiotherapy without any improvements until I tried Acupuncture with Dr Vahid.   After a course of treatment the pain has almost gone and the movement is normal now.

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